Former Mark E Smith Wife BRIX SMITH And MARTIN WILLSON-PIPER Are Lost In Angeles

5 January 2022


Who: Brix is the former American wife of the late
Manchester legend Mark E Smith. She also played
with his band The Fall. Willson-Piper is a Portuguese
songwriter and notable guitarist.

Album: Collaborative longplayer LOST ANGELES.
calls it her lost album. She wrote the songs
in the early 90s, but it was never released before.

Louder Than War says: “Lost Angeles really showcases Brix Smith’s magnificent
songwriting talent and her penchant for strong melodies and harmonic vocals. In
this respect you will be hard pushed to find anything better this side of The Beach
Boys. The delay in its release has certainly not lost any of the albums relevance
in the present-day world and will stand the test of time as one of Brix Smith’s
finest recordings. It is certainly one of the most enjoyable albums I have heard
in a very long time.”

Turn Up The Volume: Lost Angeles sounds like guitar pop
dreamers Belly fronted by Tanya Donelly. Same swagger,
same sparkiness, same vocal Donelly timbre, same moodiness.

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