Darkwave Idols ULTRA SUNN Nail It Again With Brand New Dancefloor Filler ‘BROKEN MONSTERS’

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3 July 2023

Photo by Kris Parenti

Turn Up The Volume champions Brussels darkwave duo ULTRA SUNN from the start for obvious reasons. They produce music that increases your adrenalin stream, music that activates your lazy limbs, music that makes you feel alive and kicking. Capice?

Now, after 3 excellent EPs, Sam Huge and Gaelle
are gearing up for their debut longplayer.

And they do it with a brand-new single, titled BROKEN MONSTERS.

US: “Broken Monsters is the first track of our debut LP, it’s a dancing and powerful hymn
telling us that we tend to project to ourselves our own monsters and demons around us. And since they take up all the space, we tend to focus on them while the real monsters are those that seem discreet and sleepy.

By this, we express that we must remain vigilant, not be blinded by our own fears and preconceptions, the sleep of reason produces monsters. The quest for a brighter world
is far from over. We really liked working on the rhythmics and playing with sequencers for
the bassline. We used different voice samples to create choirs but we wanted to keep a
synthetic sound.”

TUTV: This new sonic sucker-punch is their umpteenth dancefloor filler. An instant
bass-booming earworm infused with glimmering synths that add a subtle pop touch
to the pithy chorus. And once again you will notice that Huge‘s voice was/is destined to
give this shadowy nightclub genre of music the perfect vocal approach, both enigmatic
and obscure.

As I already said last March when they released their splendid 6-track EP Kill Your Idols that 2023 will be the biggest Ultra Sunn year since they entered the scene. 2023 is also the year of the remarkable return of Depeche Mode. Any connection? Probably not, but it’s just a fun and cool thought that there could be one. So, don’t kill your idols, people. They’re here to entertain us the way we like it.



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