SAFARI ROOM On A Cathartic Trip With New Captivating Single ‘BROKEN THINGS’

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12 September 2023

Who: The indie rock outfit and brainchild of
Alec Koukol
. Omaha-native, now a Nashville-local.

3rd shared piece (stream all 3 below)
from his upcoming 3rd album.

“Quite plainly, “Broken Things” is about the declination of a relationship.
The song is an amalgamation of relationships songwriter, Koukol, had crumble
over the last few years. All painful and confusing, tricky and emotional. Too often
we’re told to stuff our feelings down and compartmentalize, but this song is a
catharsis and outburst of emotions kept in for too long. It’s a whole journey of
self-discovery through loss of a relationship, confined in one tune.”

TUTV: Broken Things is a cathartic post-break up song. A guitar-riff-energizing
musing about painful days gone by. Its vigorous groove, its sticky melodiousness,
Koukol‘s in-depth and intensive vocality, and its haunting finale combine for a
feverish exploit. Think The War On Drugs on a captivating sonic trip.

Somebody should do research about the number of songs in history that dealt with
heart-and-soul break and love sickness. My guess is about 70% of what’s ever put to
music. There’s a reason for, of course. Music had, has and always will have a healing
force, that can work for both author and listener. Enter Safari Room.

Tune in.

All 3 singles.

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