Discover New York’s Nature Caring Sonic Daydreamers THE FOXFIRES…

12 April 2020


Who: “A Seagaze band from New Jersey who formed in 2013. Since forming, the band
has cultivated their own unique sound and subgenre called Seagaze, combining the
psychedelic nature of shoegaze.”

Track:¬†BROOKLANDIA – A song “inspired by how disconnected we are from the
natural world. It is a metaphor for the challenged and controversial relationship
between humanity and Mother Nature.”

Score: We need more bands like these. More bands that care about nature and
spread their concern with electrifying crackers like this standout title track of their
latest EP. ‘Brooklandia‘ starts with a glorious, moony melody with meditative vocals
floating all over it while glimmering guitar lines gloss like twinkling stars in the sky.
Around the 4-mark the blistering finale kicks in with a tremendously explosive guitar
solo that blows you off your socks. Wow! First-class piece of work! On repeat!

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