TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Selection Of Five New Rad MUST-HEAR Albums…

New longplayers that will have an impact on your ears and your speakers

1. ‘Make Room’ by DESTROY BOYS (Sacramento, CA, US)
Second longplayer from this turbulent female Californian three-piece who re-inject riot grrl vehemence and feminist punk outspokenness with fresh adrenalin-spiced firecrackers and barbed wire punches you can jump, scream and go totally nuts to. Manic street dynamite!

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2. ‘Mt. Joy’ by MT. JOY (LA, California, US)
A tremendously heartfelt and ardent debut LP by a highly compelling LA-via-Philadelphia five-piece. Gripping, amplified emotions wrapped in passion filled folk musings for the midnight hour with Matt Quinn‘s impressive vox at the very heart of this ardent journey .

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3. ‘Echo The Red’ by ACCÜ (Wales / The Netherlands)
This enigmatic debut record by half Dutch half Welsh singer-songwriter Accü is a real revelation. An intriguing trip full of electronic waves with a high degree of mysterious radiation reinforced by the artist’s beguiling voice. An overall engrossing odyssey.

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4. ‘Make Me Famous And I Move To Canada‘ by IMUSTBE LEONARDO (Berlin, Germany)
Touched by the dark sides of life’s fickleness this Berlin-based singer/songwriter didn’t gave up. Inspired by Lou Reed‘s dusky ‘Coney Island Baby’ LP he tried to crush his demons with soul-stirring reveries and emotive cries of self-excorcism. Mission accomplished.

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5. ‘Bsides This, It Is What It Is Not’ by WOY (Melbourne, Australia)
“A self-proclaimed pioneer of Bogan-rock, Woy is a project that presents the irritable idiosyncrasies of Australiana right to you- no punches pulled” says the bio. Lyricist Kieran Dickson brought several musicians together for this multi-faceted electronic octopus album. From moody to groovy, from glammy to funky. So many layers to discover. Top!

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