BEAVIS And BUTT-HEAD Are Back And Who Of The Two Is A Fan Of South-Korean Boys Band BTS?

4 August 2022

BEAVIS and BUTT-HEAD, the dumb-ass hard rock fanatics return
on Paramount+ in a new episodic series from 4 August on (tonight).

To prepare us for their lunatic adventures, Paramount dropped a 2-minute
video clip with a very surprising question. Is Beavis a fan of South-Korean
boys band BTS?

Series creator Mike Judge tells us ‘why BTS’? : “BTS is a guilty pleasure ā€” but maybe not even that guilty: I like them. I have pretty mainstream tastes. I think because I used to be a musician, people think Iā€™m going to be a music snob. Iā€™m not at all. I like a lot of very sugary pop music. We did that a little bit with Bon Jovi in the ā€™90s, Beavis liking them more than he should.”

Really, Beavis?

I’m on Butt-Head‘s side…

More info about the new series here.

BTS? The Future Of Music?


They make millions of youngsters happy. That’s a great thing.


They make computer cold music that sounds totally retro.
They sound like a weak version of Backstreet Boys, who
at least had BIG TUNES

The future of the past…