Waking Up With… Shooting Rap Duo PARIS TEXAS And Their Killing BULLETMAN

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

17 May 2023

(Press photo)

Who: Sharp cutting hip hop duo formed in Los Angeles in 2018,
by rapper-producers Louie Pastel and Felix. The duo’s name is
a reference to the fantastic 1984 road movie Paris, Texas.

New single: BULLETMAN
The second taster of their new, upcoming LP

TUTV: On this new slam dunk it strongly feels like the duo’s condemn the US’s mass shootings of late in a cynical loud-and-clear way The rip-roaring rappers pretend to be murderous shooters firing at everyone and everything. Bulletman is a devastating drill,
a banging blast that cuts like a first-class Swiss knife. A boiling bass-synth-driven sledgehammer. No breaks, no brakes, no mistakes.

Louis and Felix steam up, fire up, punk up. While hiding from the bullets I noted this beast
of a track in my best-singles-of-the-year book. Wake up America. You’re a killing nightmare.

5.56, call me Freddy Ruger
Actin’ nuts, I left that boy neutered (I left that boy neutered)
My bitch got a blick, she’s no heroine (Ayy, she’s no heroine)
Shootin’ up her ex man (Ayy), we gon’ bury him (Ayy, I gon’ bury him)

I can win this fight, no hands
Run up, click-clack, then bam
I got blood all over my vans
I got merch for all of yo fans
With the Glock, feel like John Wick
On your grave where I’m takin’ my piss
Wanna play? Now you’re in a ditch
Twin-twenty my vision don’t miss
FN like a porno

I’m the first person shootin’ like GoPro
Headshot but it’s not no photo
Wanna Take On Me till I hop out drawin’
Heart ice-cold and the shit not thawin’
Say it, don’t spray it, I spit with the uzi
Onе shot, two shot, left him oozin’
Now niggas lookin’ like: ”Who the fuck is hе?”

Shoot ’em up, shoot ’em up (Yeah)
Shoot ’em up, shoot ’em up (Yeah)
Shoot ’em up, shoot ’em up (Blaow)

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

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