Melancholic Splendor With New Single ‘CAN’T STOP RUNNING’ By CHARLES V. ROX VACCARO

30 November 2020

CHARLES V. ROX VACCARO is a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. He has been playing music and writing songs for other artists for more than 30 years. He started very young with a band called Lipstik who got the chance to be produced for a while by Whitney Houston.

His new single CAN’T STOP RUNNING is based on a real-life experience. It is the story of the common man who aspires to leave his small town to pursue the big city life of fame and fortune. Throughout his lifetime and his quest for such an adventure, life just beats him down to never leaving.

This is melancholic melodiousness at its best. Wistful, romantic, and heartfelt. Close your eyes and you’ll hear The Edge‘s guitar play on U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For in the back of the magnificent chorus. Yes, Charles V. Rox Vaccaro evokes the drama-filled and warm resonance of the Irish superstars on this tip-top humdinger.

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