Boston Duo EX-HYENA Shares Twilight Hallucination ‘CAPTURE THE STILLS’ From Upcoming Album

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26 January 2022

Band: EX-HYENA (Boston, MA)
Who: The musical project of Bo Barringer and Reuben Bettsak
crafting the sound of an emerging dystopia, a sort of fantasy
land that existed along the margins of reality and within the
confines of the imagination. A very short time later, their music
is simply the sound of our enclosed reality.


New cut from the duo’s forthcoming sophomore album
Moon Reflections, the follow-up to last year’s critically
acclaimed debut Artificial Pulse.

Bettsak: “‘Capture the Stills is dark and menacing. Bo wrote the lyrics to this one.
It certainly fits the vibe, and themes that Ex-Hyena often covers. To me, it’s like falling
into a David Lynch movie void, and witnessing two characters in a volatile relationship,
or something like that. This was the last song written for the second LP, and I’m glad
it made it on the album.”

(Great illustration by Ian Adams)

Turn Up The Volume: This twilight hallucination resonates as the shadowy side of Depeche Mode and the enigmatic darkwave murk of The Soft Moon. The iterating synth-riff at work here gets under your skin without asking. The atmosphere is impending, the tone is obscure, the color is black. All you need for a sonic nightmare.

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