00_ (yes, the band’s name) – Australian Post Punks Mess With Our And Their Minds On New Album ‘CA\YPTRA’

20 October 2021

Band: 00_ (all oh nothing)
Who: An experimental rock band with a drip-fed, magnetic
sound. A warm damage, a gleaming vocal performance, a
coordinated racket of unhinged guitar smothered in a viscous
porridge of urgent drums and bass.

Debut Album: CA\YPTRA
Released: 4 September 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Remember Scottish noise crusaders Mogwai
back in 1997 with their jaw-dropping debut LP Young Team? Well, 00_
share their spirit and vision of mucking around with electrical noise but
even rawer, messier, and more chaotic. They build up, break down, throw
some out-of-tune violins in, here and there to pierce your ears, and create
overall a barbed wire hullabaloo for your favorite nightmares. Fascinating.

Another hint: Siouxsie And The Banshees in the 70s when they sounded like a
chainsaw while Suzy wailed all over it and you had no idea what she was actually
singing about. With song titles such as offset/its so noir, am i best gon’church drunk
and scarce silver Y I must admit that I have no clue either if 00_ wants to tell us

Third reference: young British lions Black Midi and Black Country, New Road.
Both bands also like to stop/start, turn left, come back and go right. And it all
makes sense in the end.

I suppose you may have a sonic idea of all oh nothing by now.

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