Dreamers CECILIA::EYES Shine On Cinematic Shoegaze Score ‘SORE MEMORIES ALWAYS END’

10 December 2021

Who: Belgian dreamers defining themselves as a band practicing
a subtle mix of slow and noisy melodies. Since the release of the
3rd album Disappearance in 2014 the band isolated itself from
the scene for a long period to write their fourth opus.


Info: “At over seventy-five minutes, this record may look intimidating on the surface, but listeners will find it’s much the opposite. Shimmering melodies, dreamlike song structures, disembodied vocals, and production that seems to reveal limitless layers all coalesce to form exactly the sort of album that benefits from a meditatively meandering running time. This is music meant for darkened rooms, dusky landscapes, and distant stars, sonically passive yet demanding active engagement – a difficult balance that is impressively and consistently achieved over more than an hour and a quarter. Anyone seeking a record that they can perceive as both an experience and an embrace will no doubt feel at home within the spacious environment that emerges the moment they drop the needle on Sore Memories Always End.”

Turn Up The Volume: On hearing this transcendent piece of work for the first time
I thought about Nick Cave and his Bad Seed buddy Warren Ellis who wrote the majestic soundtrack for an upcoming French nature documentary La Panthère Des Neiges (The Snow Leopard) and I wondered what kind of documentary/movie this atmospheric
double LP could soundtrack.

My choice: a documentary about an eagle with the music visualizing the journey of
that giant bird of prey up there high in the blue sky. ‘Sore Memories Always End’ has that tranquillizing, yet grand and overwhelming effect that nature can have on people’s mind.

Shoegaze symphonies like Parenthesis, Russian Tales, Missing Pieces In A Blue Cold Cloth and epic closer The Air Bride reflect that relaxing effect with grace and style like Cocteau Twins‘ sonic etherealness and Slowdive‘s euphonic escapes from reality. The poignant force of multi-layered, guitar-glimmering pieces like Twin Mountains, Empty Rails and Frozen Sand will fit the eagle’s mightiness, threat and greed cinematic well.

Add foggy vocals now and then (only when it fits the music’s resonance, no overkill, smart move!) and you have a telling eagle-docu score that also helps to ignore all sore memories of two years of a life-changing pandemic for 75 minutes. Double pleasure with a double tour de force..

Single/clip: Missing Pieces

It’s time now to relax, to sit down, to dim the lights,
and to lose yourself in your dream of choice.

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