Discover Fervent All Wave Band KORINTHIANS And Their Multi-Faceted Debut Album ‘CHAOS CONTROL’

28 January 2020


Who: A Ghent, Belgium based foursome, a self-proclaimed post-wave
band blending 80s melancholy with 90s anger. So far they released
one EP Olympus and a single AWWW.

Album: CHAOS CONTROL – the band’s debut LP

Released: 19 December 2019

Sound: You’ll hear echoes of post-punk, new wave, darkwave, synth-pop and several other past and present alternative influences. But in the end all these sonic genres don’t mean a damn thing if you don’t have the talent to write killer tracks and catchy knockout tunes. And that’s what these four misfits exactly do. From synth and percussion-driven danceable rockers ‘Aura H671‘ and ‘Icarus Airlines’ to amplified disco stompers ‘Beat’ and ‘A Way With Words‘, from firm, moody and atmospheric introspections ‘Wave‘ and ‘You And Island‘ to an energetic cover of Joy Division‘s ‘A Means To An End’. This is a rock and synth-pop symphonic orchestra with an impressive singer and multiple crackers on their debut. If you really want to label this foursome, file them under All Wave.

Listen right here…

Album available via iTunes and Bandcamp

And while we all here let’s watch the video for the
LP’s singles ‘Beat’ and ‘A Way With Words‘…

– BEAT –