Cardiff’s Young Committed Foursome TELGATE Protests With Full-Blooded Debut Single ‘CHERRY TIGHT’…

19 October 2019


Who: Fresh, eccentric aggro-glam band from South Wales putting the glam in Glamorgan

Track: CHERRY TIGHT – the group’s singer/songwriter Casper James revealed that
“Cherry tight is a metaphor for the backlash and social reaction to the AIDS crisis in the
1980s. The song is a poetic discussion of how the crisis which grieved the LGBTQ community was twisted to promote fear-mongering of homosexual and bisexual people and laid blame
on our community. The lyrics relate to the excessive marginalisation which came from the discriminative reactions that pushed the queer community into the shadows.”

Score: Pretty impressive debut this is! Standing up for the ever demonized queer community with a blatant belter like this is both encouraging and entirely necessary, as the past few years LGBTQ intolerance is becoming even grimmer than before. This young band is well aware of this awful injustice and decided to make as much noise about it as possible and with ‘Cherry Thight‘ they prove terrifically clear they won’t back down. Top engagement! Top stroke!

Feel the burning glow right here…

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