Amazing Artwork! R.E.M. 40 Years Ago

Great music cover art

1 July 2022

This August, 40 years ago R.E.M. released their 5-track debut EP CHRONIC TOWN.

To celebrate the event the EP will be released for the first time ever as a standalone CD with extensive liner notes by the original producer Mitch Easter. It will be released in three different formats: CD, Picture Disc, and Cassette on August 19, 2022. Pre-order info here.

Mitch Easter: “One might fancifully say that Chronic Town was the sound of an expedition, ready for anything, setting forth. If R.E.M.’s ‘Radio Free Europe’ single was a signpost, the Chronic Town EP was the atlas.”

I googled the Internet for about half an hour but I din’t find
any info about the image/sculpture on the EP’s cover.

Stream the original EP on Spotify.

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