TALKING HEADS Released Their Outstanding LP ‘FEAR OF MUSIC’ 40 Years Ago…

2 August 2019

The name of the band: TALKING HEADS

The name of the album: FEAR OF MUSIC – the band’s third LP

The name of the day/year of release: Friday 3 August 1979 – 40 years ago

The name of the reviewing magazine: ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE that wrote back then “‘Fear of Music’ is Talking Heads’ most elaborate production so far, teeming with overdubs and effects the group doesn’t try to reproduce in concert. Sounds emerge out of nowhere, echoes tangle the beat, instrumental timbres form unholy alloys… They use a simple device: repetition. Unswerving rhythms, immobile harmonies. Each tune is a chain of sections linked by rhythm, each section a matrix of interlocking riffs… Byrne sings like a Mouseketeer trapped in an endless anything-can-happen day: rattled, wide-eyed, quavery, breaking into glossolalia whenever he runs out of words. Sometimes he slides into sync with the other members of the band, sometimes he dithers above them in lunatic abandon” – Full review here

The name of Turn Up The Volume’s fav tracks: Life During Wartime / Heaven / Cities




Album in full…