Top singles from the past…

28 May 2020

Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Active: 1967-1972
Single: Suzie Q
Written by rockabilly artist Dale Hawkins in 1957
The 7″ single was split into parts one and two on its
A and B sides because of the length (8.37) of CCR’s cover
Released: 15 June 1968
Score: No 11 in the US – top ten hits in Europe
Album: self-titled debut LP
Came out on 28 May 1968 – 42 years ago today

Here comes Suzie…

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Happy 75 to legendary frontman and songwriter John Fogerty
in Berkeley, California on 28 May 1945

No Future – ‘GOD SAVE THE QUEEN’ By SEX PISTOLS – Released 43 Years Ago…

Top singles from the past…

27 May 2020

Band: Sex Pistols
Active: 1975 – 1978
(Reunions in 1996, 2002 – 2003, 2007 –2008)
Single: God Save The Queen
B-side: Did You No Wrong
Released: 27 May 1977 – 43 years ago today
Score: #2 in the UK, with rumors that the BBC
intervened in order to avoid that the single went to #1
Album: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols

Original clip…

Live in London 30 years later (2007)…


‘World In Motion’ by NEW ORDER – Released 30 Years Ago – 21 May 1990

Top singles from the past…

21 May 2020

Band: New Order
Single: World In Motion
Written and recorded for England’s
1990 FIFA World Cup campaign. The
song featured a rap by footballer John
and vocals by several members
of the English squad, and also by comedian
Keith Allen, who was the co-writter of the lyrics.
B-side: Such A Good Thing
Released: 21 May 1990
Score: #1 in the UK

England lost from Germany in the semi-finales
with penalties 4-3 after a 1-1 score at the end of
the prolongations

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‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ by THE PRETTY THINGS (1964)

Top singles from the past…

19 May 2020

Band: The Pretty Things (London)
Active: 1963–1971, 1971–1976, 1978–2018
Single: Don’t Bring Me Down
Written by: Johnny Dee (road manager
for British band the Fairies)
B-side: We’ll Be Together
Label: Fontana
Released: 1964
Score: #10 in the UK – #34 in Canada
Album: It was only on the American
version of their debut LP


R.I.P. Phil May