CLOUD TAPES Create Harmonious Virbations On New Track ‘HOLLOW’…

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9 October 2018

New York indie trio CLOUD TAPES is about to release their third longplayer sometime soon. But first, they’ll release some songs that don’t quite fit on the LP/line up with what the future material will sound like. Here’s one they played for a while now at concerts, called HOLLOW, released for the first time.

“I wrote this song in August 2013 while I was on my brother’s bachelor party in Costa Rica. One of those nights, everyone went out and I decided to just stay in bed and listen to music. After I took my headphones off, music didn’t stop playing in my head. The song playing in my head was ‘Hollow’. In a lot of ways I feel like I didn’t write it. I feel like I was just the scribe making
sure that it was recorded correctly…”
says singer/songwriter John Samaras.

Hollow sounds like if The Beach Boys were an indie band creating a subtle, captivating harmonious pop sound with an urban instead of a beach feel, with a vitalizing variety
of different guitar colors, a relaxing drum/bass pace, pondering vocals and, of course,
a sticky melody with a tender resonance. Good vibrations indeed. Catch them here…

Filled-in empty spaces
Traveled many places
To find no one

Bask in deprivation
Just a past sensation
That still rings true

Situational feeling that constantly lingers
The air is just so heavy, it’s not getting any clearer
If its such a drag, then why are you still here?

Searching for some purpose
And it’s not on purpose
If I don’t write home

Nights that I’ve wasted
Waiting for elation
That never comes

Situational feeling that constantly lingers
The air is just so heavy, it’s not getting any clearer
If its such a drag, then why are you still here?

It was fun while it lasted
My welcome, I surpassed it
I’m moving on

(Artwork by Lauren Satchwell)

CLOUD TAPES: Facebook – Twitter –  Website

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 19…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven booming tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven ardent strokes to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘What Am I Supposed To Do?‘ by COWBELL (London, UK)
It’s simply impossible to resist this powerful and energizing groove. Cowbell is a thrilling duo inspired by several decades of awesome music from both sides of the Atlantic and
will release their third album ‘Haunted Heart’ on 26 May via Damaged Goods Records
COWBELL: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Whettin My Knife’ by THE GHOST WOLVES (Austin, Texas)
I’m sure this raw, caustic, in your face garage two-piece engine had a threatening grin on their faces when they recorded this poisonous uppercut. Like The Kills getting back to their mean roots. From brand new album ‘Texas Platinum’ – check the heat here on Bandcamp

THE GHOST WOLVES: Facebook – Twitter – Hound Gawd!Records

3/ ‘Sissy Fists’ by QUEEN ZEE & THE SASSTONES (Liverpool, England)
Wicked band name, deranged look and a flaming debut single. Glorious shit! I want more!

QUEEN ZEE & THE SASSTONES: Facebook – Twitter – Nice Swan Records

4/ ‘Mistress X’ by DEAD GURUS (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Mind-blowing psychedelic trip that will infiltrate the dark side of your mind. A haunting cut from their new, fascinating, album ‘Acid Bench‘ – Check the madness here on Bandcamp

DEAD GURUS: Facebook – Twitter – Wrong Way Records

5/ ‘Cause You Could’ by RAVELLAS (Wigan, England)
One of the ardent hammers of these hungry young dogs’ double A-side single. A pounding groove that will activate all your limbs. Rousing score! Hear the other ace track ‘Blush‘ here

RAVELLAS: Facebook – Twitter – You Tube

6/ ‘Save Yourself‘ by BABY BLUE (Melbourne, Australia)
A delightful pop rainbow enriched with exotic guitar lines and infectious harmonies. Feel good fuel for the summer! From the band’s new 5-track EP. Discover here on Bandcamp

BABY BLUE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Square Peg’ by CLOUD TAPES (New York, NY, US)
A grungy slacker track that sounds like Pavement and Nirvana had a relaxing jam session together. It’s the very first single from upcoming debut album ‘If There Were A Reason,‘…

CLOUD TAPES: Facebook – Twitter –  Website

See/hear you next week, music junkies…