Soul-Stirring Passion With KING PARK And Their New Single ‘COFFEE CHEQUES’

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18 August 2021

Who: Fervent 4-piece from Hamilton, Ontario turning
out mercurial, high-contrast indie rock since 2017.

Cut from their upcoming album, titled ‘Everett’.

“The song tells the story of loss of innocence and coming of age.
The heartbreak that serves both as its catalyst and aftermath.”

Turn Up The Volume: Talking about a goosebumps experience.
This overwhelming cry out made my hair in the back of my neck
stand up. It all starts rather smoothly and reflective, but the fiery
emotions at play grow slowly but surely to a passionate climax that
leaves you behind out of breath. The soul-stirring intensity is just
immense, fueled by fevered vocals/harmonies and an electric
tension from start to finish.

Top touchdown!

Feel the tenseness here…


KING PARK: FacebookSpotify

Artwork: James Baturin / Single available via Apple Music