COLDPLAY In Pink Floyd Space With New Single ‘COLORATURA’

23 July 2021

Active: Since 1996, already 25 years
9 studio LPs (including the new one)

Out in October
Lead-single: COLORATURA

Coldplay floats slowly but surely into space with a
Pink Floyd-esque first 5 minutes before turning into
a sort of fairytale symphony with a David Gilmour solo,
for another 5 minutes. Nice touch.

Tune in …

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New album MUSIC OF THE SPHERES out 15 October 2021 – Order info here

Debut Album ‘PARACHUTES’ By COLDPLAY Released 20 Years Ago…

11 July 2020

Band: Coldplay
Album: Parachutes – debut LP
Released: 10 July 2000 – 20 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “Who will be the next Radiohead? Or the next Verve, or Travis? In England, the answer on everyone’s lips is Coldplay. On its debut album, Parachutes, this youthful quartet resembles each of the above bands. Coldplay make straight-ahead, melodic Brit pop that strives for significance with a capital s, even as it has a hard time shaking its influences — you can also hear the ethereal guitar chime of U2, a bit of Dave Matthews’ breathy folk implosion, even a misting of Roger Waters-era Pink Floyd. More than anyone, however, the ghost of Jeff Buckley lingers here, as the go-anywhere falsetto on songs like “Shiver” demonstrates. Parachutes ultimately rises above its influences to become a work of real transcendence: On songs like the unrepentantly romantic “Yellow,” the band creates a hypnotic slo-mo otherworld where spirit rules supreme. When frontman Chris Martin moans about “skin and bones/Turning to something beautiful,” he could very well be talking about his own band.”

Key phrase: “A gripping emo pop album as harbinger for global success.”

Stellar top track…

Full album…

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Perfect 24 Karat Pop – Breakthrough Hit ‘YELLOW’ By COLDPLAY Released 20 Years Ago Today…

Top singles from the past…

26 June 2020

Band: Coldplay
Single: Yellow
B-sides: Help Is Around The Corner 
and No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground
Released: 26 June 2000 – 20 years ago today
YouTube: original clip = 459.593.728 views (so far)
Score: #4 in the UK / #22 in the US / #4 in Scotland
Album: Parachutes – debut LP

You love or hate them but this is perfect 24 Karat pop

“For you I bleed myself dry”

Euphoric live performance in Sydney (2003)…

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