Inflammable Passion – Here’s OCEANOGRAPHY With ‘RAINBOW RECORDS’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


3 July 2020

Who: The musical moniker of a singer/songwriter
called Kelly, living somewhere in sunny California
Pick: RAINBOW RECORDS  – a highlight from his 2019 album ‘Collier Canyon’ – a song about remembering the mixtapes and record stores of his suburban youth: “I pull out
your old Maxell tapes and play some radio songs… I remember you in ’84 knocking it around
to Purple Rain in the record store”.

Score: A glorious guitar pop humdinger getting your aural attention from the kick-off with a repetitive riff sticking as first-class glue. Inflammable passion, scintillating ardency, and vehement fervor. Big tune, big sentiments and a big voice reminding me of Greg Dulli‘s imposing vocals at times. Trust me, a solid gold sonic doozy still playing in your head
long after you had a few spins.

If you’re still in love with those good old music cassettes you’ll certainly dig this video clip…

While you’re here, discover the amazing
album COLLIER CANYON in full here…