Chill-Out Kraut-Punk-Pop Trip – TRAAMS Released 3rd Album ‘PERSONAL BEST’

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10 August 2022

Who: Indie rock trio from Chichester, West Sussex, England
Past Albums: Grin (2013) and Modern Dancing (2015)

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DIY Magazine says: “The first LP in seven years, ‘personal best’ represents a triumphant emergence from protracted hibernation. An album of teeth-grinding kosmische grit, tracing slumbrous, psychic ascension one overdrive-grumble at a time, the Chichester outfit herein transfigure a matured collection of understated anthems, dominated by oblique drum machines and soft-bellied motorik… It’s one for the late night coach rides; for the wee, contemplative hours spent staring through black windows.” Score: 4/5.

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Turn Up The Volume: Their moodiest, their most chill-out, their most melodic, their
most engrossing longplayer. Actually, undoubtedly, the band’s best work in my aural
book. It all starts with a simple, instrumental synth ditty on repeat (Sirens). What follows are vintage Kraut-Traams-rock jams like Dry, Shields, Hallie and Comedown triggered by
trance-like motorik guitar lines.

Overall the production is more glossy and refined than before, and it works dazzlingly.
The final result is an amplified ambient no-fillers-almost-all-killers record. Supreme score.

FYI: Main man/voice Protomartyr’s vox Joe Casey guests on steamroller The Light at Night, SoftLizard (Liza Violet of Menace Beach) on moody groover Breathe and Soffie Viemose of Danish band Lowly on rotating pearl Sleeper.

Singles: Breathe / Comedown



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