Now Watching – Drop Dead Gorgeous AMYL TAYLOR And Her SNIFFERS On Fire On TV

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Drop-dead gorgeous Aussie punkette AMY TAYLOR and her SNIFFERS
have two blistering punk rock albums out, so far. Their self-titled boiling
debut LP (2019) and the red-hot follow-up Comfort To Me (2021).

A week ago the Aussie fury and her desperadoes caught
fire in front of the cameras of The Late Night Show with
a volcanic version of Hertz, one of the many highlights on
the new longplayer. And of course, all eyes are on Amyl.

Don’t drool too much, folks

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Stream the newest album Comfort To Me via Spotify

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Sturm Und Drang On Their New Punk ‘N’ Roll Album ‘COMFORT TO ME’

11 September 2021

Who: Smoking Australian quartet
that hit the scene in 2016

New album: COMFORT TO ME
Second LP after their cooking self-titled debut (2019)

Release: 10th September 2021 – order info here

NME‘s verdict: “The Melbourne punks’ second record is louder, sillier and at times more introspective than its predecessor, showing a more versatile side to the band… When the band rally against being pigeonholed on ‘Don’t Fence Me In’, it feels like they’ve finally escaped this fate – sure, they can still pull a decent pint of pub rock, but ‘Comfort To Me’ serves as proof
that there’s far more to them than just that.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume – Antwerp, Belgium – 2019)

Turn Up The Volume: Old skool punk ‘n’ roll? Absolutely. Any good? You betcha! Amyl and her buddies made another blistering riff-manic-monster of a hell fucking hell yeah record. Pogo madness is back. Sturm un drang from start to finish. HOLY MOLLY! (Amyl, if you read this, know that I’ll be on the right side – for you, it’s the left one – of the stage when you hit Belgium again. Over and out.)

Singles/clips: Guided By Angels / Security / Hertz




Stream/buy album here…


Amyl has her eyes on us…

AMYL & THE SNIFFERS Explode Again – Here’s New Rad Ripper ‘SECURITY’

New sonic impulses

29 July 2021

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Who: Smoking Australian engine
that hit the scene in 2016

New album: COMFORT TO ME
Second LP after their red-hot self-titled debut (2019)
Out: 10th September 2021 – order info here

New single: SECURITY

“I’m not looking for trouble, I’m looking for love / Let me in your hard heart
Let me in your pub”
sings Amyl over and over again. Look, Amyl, my heart
is open. I fell in love with you the night I saw you explode on stage in a small
club in my home country Belgium (and having a beer and a high-five together
afterward!), back in 2019. The roof went off. Can’t wait for, the new album.

In the meantime, I go mental to Security. What about you, ladies and gents?


New album COMFORT TO ME out 10th September