Americana Trio CONSTELLATION MYTHS Romanticize On Notable Debut ‘EVERYWHERE AND TIME’

25 October 2021

Who: A post-rock Americana trio from Massachusetts.

Released: 20 October 2021

Info: It’s an album of dusty Americana streaked through with the musical language
and textures of post-rock, ‘Everything and Time’ puts these two competing archetypes
and actualities in productive tension with one another. This tension is evident in the melding of sonic influences, from finger-picked folk of Appalachia to the urban apocalyptic disquiet of post-rock, as well as in the lyrical themes exploring memory, identity, and place. The rural-urban divide is especially present in the most basic reality of the band:
the physical separation of the founding band-members between the country and city at opposite ends of their home state.

Justin Kehoe (drums/percussion): “Lyrically, the songs are by-and-large about personal mythmaking, the stories we tell ourselves and others about who we are, the narratives about our identities we construct, and how we incorporate the past as memory into those stories.
We are all kind of the unreliable narrators of our own lives, to ourselves perhaps most of all. There’s a nice, albeit unintentional, parallel with the band name there.”

Turn Up The Volume: Talking about a notable debut album. Everything And Time charms, entices and moves from start to finish. It’s a gripping work of American balladry and sepia-colored romanticism with the female vocals bringing Hope Sandoval‘s (from Mazzy Starr) vulnerable vox to mind. It’s a record with a chill-out impact and a touchy-feely warmth. Do not miss this band; do not miss this debut.

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Three myths

(Photo credit: Ben Stas)