Pretty Gorgeous – BABYBIRD Covers Joy Division, The La’s Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Beach Boys, Daft Punk And More

28 January 2022

Who: British singer-songwriter Stephen Jones project

Active: 1995–present / Released about a thousand records,
the greater part via Bandcamp where you can buy his full
discography for the ridiculous price of £24.76.

Album Of The Day: COVERS
Released: 11 June 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Since the corona pandemic started tormenting our
planet in early 2020, a musical pandemic emerged too. Suddenly countless
artists began to cover other artists. It became a trend overnight.

Some delivered great interpretations, but most failed because, well you know,
they didn’t put their heart and soul (and time) in it as they just wanted something
to be out very quickly to keep their fans in lockdown happy and also wanted to stay connected with them to keep them warm for new work in the future (of which the
release was held back by record labels who feared for low sales during the pandemic).

But (you knew a but was coming) here’s one covers collection
that works terrifically well (definitely for my ears).

Babybird picked classic songs from Joy Division, Bob Dylan, Sonny & Cher, The La’s, Daft
Punk, Beach Boys
and more. And why do his covers work? Because he lets all the songs’ melodies thrive into a tranquilizing haze of sparky synths creating a laid-back atmosphere and because, as usual, his melancholia-colored voice lifts his vocal performances to a
soul-stirring and intimate level. That’s why. Pretty gorgeous.

You can download it all for free
via the Bandcamp link below.

There he goes

BABYBIRD: Twitter – Bandcamp