Boston’s DAISYBONES Go Start/Stop/Start On New Jangly Single ‘CHOKE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 October 2018


Who: Four boogie-board rockers from Boston, US who can fill can fill a room of
wandering souls with fun so pure, being anywhere else doesn’t even matter

Pick: CHOKE – single from upcoming LP ‘Gold – out 9th November

Score: ‘Choke’ is a song “that expands on a topic of a super-saturated society in which the
lines of audience and entertainer, influencers and the influenced, or leaders and followers
are blurred”
explains singer/bassist Dillon Bailey. It’s also totally fun. A glorious jangly start/stop/start guitar pop bang-up that will do your head in under two minutes.
Cracking score, electrical boost! Get your sonic kicks right here…

I don’t know anything maybe I should get a clue,
Monkey see, Monkey do I just want to be like you
I’ve been thinking that I don’t really think right,
I’ve been thinking that maybe I’m not thinking at all

Did you believe all this was planned?
I can’t conceive it I hope somebody can

Monkey see, Monkey be kids they want to act like me,
Monkey was, Monkey does I’ve just had another one,
I’ve been thinking that I don’t really act right,
I’ve been thinking that maybe I’m not acting at all


CHOKE out now – available on Bandcamp and iTunes