7-Inch History – DAVE EDMUNDS With ‘I HEAR YOU KNOCKING’ This Day In 1970

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28 November 2022

British rocker DAVE EDMUNDS topped the UK singles charts with
I HEAR YOU KNOCKING (more than 20 million streams on Spotify)
this day in 1970.

The classic was written in 1955 by American musicianand
band leader Dave Bartholomew who died in 2019, aged 100!

Edmunds also topped the Irish
charts and peaked at #4 in the US.

Knock here.

Original version.

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Hit Single ‘GIRLS TALK’ Written By ELVIS COSTELLO And Performed By DAVE EDMUNDS Released 40 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

25 May 2019

ELVIS COSTELLO gave “in a moment of drunken bravado‘ an early version of a song
he wrote, called GIRLS TALK, to DAVE EDMUNDS who reworked it and released it
as single today 40 years ago, on 25 May 1979. It became a hit in the UK peaking at
#4 on the Singles Chart.

Sometimes it looks rather easy how a song becomes, out of the blue, a commercial triumph. Costello himself issued his own version of the song as a B-side to his cover
of I Can’t Stand For Falling Down. Now, let the girls talk…