DAVID BOWIE Released His ‘RUBBER BAND’ Single 53 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

2 December 2019

Artist: David Bowie
Song: Rubber Band
Released: 2 December 1966, 53 years ago.
B-side: The London Boys. Re-released as a single in France in 1975.
Note 1: It was his first record for label Deram Records, a subsidiary label of
Decca Records. It was also Deram that released his 1967 self-titled debut LP.
Note 2: Despite the fact that it was a frisky, retro cabaret-like catchy tune
and despite some good reviews the single did not chart.

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DAVID BOWIE Released His Self-Titled Second Album 50 Years Ago Today…

14 November 2019

DAVID BOWIE released his second, self-titled album on 14 November 1969, 50 years ago. In the US the LP was, bizarrely enough, titled differently as ‘Man of Words/Man of Music’. The opening song was his brilliant breakthrough hit single ‘SPACE ODDITY‘. Three years later, in 1972, the LP was even reissued RCA Records called ‘Space Oddity’. Besides that timeless classic it was obvious that the enormously curious artist was still looking for/and exploring new directions, on this record, within the fast-evolving pop and rock boundaries of the flourishing 60s.

Regarding its mix of folk, balladry and prog rock, then famous NME editors Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray commented: “Some of it belonged in ’67 and some of it in ’72, but in 1969 it all seemed vastly incongruous. Basically, David Bowie can be viewed in retrospect as
all that Bowie had been and a little of what he would become, all jumbled up and fighting for control.
” To me, one thing was already crystal clear: Bowie‘s voice was already (until his
last breath) an instrument of unique beauty and one of a high-quality kind.

Album in full here..

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Back sleeve…

DAVID BOWIE Topped UK Singles Charts For The First Time With A Re-Release Of ‘SPACE ODDITY’ In 1975…

Knockouts from the past

10 November 2019

DAVID BOWIE released his breakthrough single SPACE ODDITY – inspired by Stanley Kubrick‘s film 2001: A Space Odyssey – 50 years ago, on 11 July 1969. It was specifically planned to be out just before the first moon landing, the day after, on 20 July. It hit the
top five of the British charts but became an even greater success in 1975, upon a re-release as part of a maxi-single. Despite a series of previous top singles, this re-issue became Bowie‘s very first UK No. 1 single on 10 Nov 1975, 44 years ago.

Ground control to Major Tom

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DAVID BOWIE Released His Third Album ‘THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD’ In The US 49 Years Ago…

5 November 2019

Late great genius DAVID BOWIE released his third LP ‘THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD’, produced with Tony Visconti and his first critically praised one, strangely enough, first in the United States on 4 November 1970, 49 years ago, and only 6 months later, in April 1971 in his home country. On top of it, the artwork for the record – featuring a cowboy in front of a mental asylum – designed by a Bowie friend, underground comics artist called Michael J. Weller wasn’t really a Bowie-style image. At first Bowie called it an ‘horrible’ idea but later in 1999 he stated that he “actually thought the cartoon cover was really cool”.

Six months later the UK front cover artwork featured the iconic image we all know with Bowie on a chaise longue in a cream and blue satin ‘man’s dress‘, an early indication of his interest in exploiting his androgynous appearance.

AllMusic wrote: “Even though it contained no hits, ‘The Man Who Sold the World’, for most intents and purposes, was the beginning of David Bowie’s classic period… Musically, there isn’t
much innovation on The Man Who Sold the World, it is almost all hard blues-rock or psychedelic folk-rock, but there’s an unsettling edge to the band’s performance, which makes the record one of Bowie’s best albums.”
Full review here. Score 4.5/5

Album in full (2015 remastered version)…

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Knockouts from the past

3 November 2019

On 3 November 1973, 46 years ago today, DAVID BOWIE scored his second UK Number One album with PINUPS, a collection of covers of 12 of his most beloved songs at the time. Turn Up The Volume‘s favourite one is SORROW, a song originally composed by American musicians Feldman, Gottehrer and Goldstein who were in band called The Strangeloves and wrote it for their countrymen The McCoys (best know for their ‘Hang On Sloopy’ hit) in 1965.

Here’s Bowie version…

Here’s the original version by THE McCOYS

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DAVID BOWIE Released ‘PINUPS’ Album 46 Years Ago Today…

19 October 2019

46 years ago, on 19th October 1973, the late genius DAVID BOWIE released his seventh album PINUPS. The album, which features then supermodel Twiggy on the front cover, is an LP of covers, of 12 of Bowie‘s favourite songs, including tracks by Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, The Who, The Yardbirds and The Kinks. The longplayer hit the top spot of the UK Albums Chart.

Here’s my fav one…

Album in full…

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Special vinyl editions were released this year on Record Store Day…

DAVID BOWIE Released His Outstanding Berlin Album ‘HEROES’ 42 Years Ago Today…

Classics from the past…

14 October 2019

46 years ago today, on 14 October 1973 the late great genius DAVID BOWIE released his highly challenging and superb HEROES album. It was his 12th longplayer. The second part of his Berlin Trilogy (although ‘Heroes‘ was actually the only LP wholly recorded in Berlin) co-produced with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti and contributions by guitar phenomenon Robert Fripp. The classic lead single ‘Heroes‘ unquestionably helped the commercial triumph of the album peaking at #3 on the UK Albums Chart.

PITCHFORK wrote: ” “Heroes” is the second installment of David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. The trilogy, and “Heroes” in particular, show all the signs of an artist growing up, shaking off the trappings of capitalist ego and success, and searching for a soul instead. It often sounds as if Bowie is conducting chaos, smashing objects together to discover scarily beautiful new shapes.” Full review here. Score: 10/10

Here come the LP’s two singles



And here the album in full…


From the photo shoot for the album’s front cover