DAVID BOWIE Recorded Breakthrough Single ‘SPACE ODDITY’ 50 Years Ago…


20 June 2019


Today 50 years ago the late great genius DAVID BOWIE recorded his legendary,
first-rate masterstroke SPACE ODDITY this day 50 years ago, on 20 June 1969. It
came out as a single on 11 July 1969 and featured as the opening track of his 2nd
self-titled longplayer. It made Bowie a worldwide mega star.

Here’e that timeless, magnificent and towering coup de maître…

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DAVID BOWIE Topped UK Albums Chart 45 Years Ago With ‘DIAMOND DOGS’…

9 June 2019

Today 45 years ago the late great genial DAVID BOWIE topped the UK Album Charts with his eighth full length DIAMOND DOGS. The fans loved it, but the press was fairly divided about it. To Turn Up The Volume‘s ears it’s a medium Bowie LP which is still better than any other artist’s average longplayer. And, of course the LP’s stunning glam rock single REBEL REBEL still sounds blistering hot after all these years…

Album in full…

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Controversial album sleeves in full…

‘LODGER’ – 13th Album By DAVID BOWIE Released 40 Years Ago Today…

17 May 2019

The late great artistic genius DAVID BOWIE released his 13th album LODGER today
40 years ago, on 17 May 1979. The third LP of the so-called Berlin Trilogy (the other two
being Low & Heroes), although it was recorded in Switzerland and New York City with the well-known tandem Brian Eno / Tony Visconti.

It wasn’t as experimental as the other two longplayers but still is one of Bowie most complete and solid achievements of his overwhelming canon. Lead single ‘Boys Keep Swinging‘ peaked at #7 on the UK single chart…

Fun facts to know: one of Oasis biggest moments, their 1996 No 1 hit ‘Don’t Look Back
In Anger
‘ referred to Lodger‘s track ‘Look Back in Anger’ and Blur used the same chord sequence as the Lodger‘s impressive opening track ‘Fantastic Voyage‘ and ‘Boys Keep Swinging‘ in their 1997 single ‘M.O.R.

LODGER in full…

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The original gatefold album sleeve featured a full-length shot of Bowie by photographer Brian Duffy as an accident victim, heavily made up with an apparently broken nose. It was British pop artist Derek Boshier who developed the cover design.

BECK Turning DAVID BOWIE’s Classic ‘SOUND AND VISION’ Into A Gigantic Symphony…

13 May 2019

The Cover

Musical centipede BECK covered ‘SOUND AND VISION‘, one of DAVID BOWIE‘s highlights of his groundbreaking electronic 1977 album LOW six years ago in a truly fantastic way, with an 157-piece orchestra on a slowly rotating stage creating an 360 audio version. The massive band was conducted by Beck’s father, the acclaimed arranger David Campbell. It happened at one-off event in Los Angeles on 5 February 2013. Enjoy the grandeur here…

The Original

HISTORY – 7 May 1971 – THE ARNOLD CORNS Release Debut Single…

7 May 2019

If you’re not a DAVID BOWIE fanatic I think you have no idea who THE ARNOLD CORNS actually were. It was one of the many side-projects of the late genius in the early stages
of his career. This one was formed in 1971, with its name being inspired by Pink Floyd‘s debut single Arnold Layne.

The Corns‘ first single MOONAGE DAYDREAM was released 48 years ago, on 7 May 1971.
It flopped, but the song as well as the B-side Hang On To Yourself’ would appear later,
re-arranged and with reworked lyrics, on Bowie‘s 1972 Ziggy Stardust longplayer. The Arnold Corns‘ second single ‘Looking for a Friend‘ (with vocals by Frederick Burrett, aka
Rudi Valentino) stayed on the studio shelves until 1985.

Here’s ‘Moonage daydream‘…


HISTORY – 13 April 1973 – Release BOWIE’s Sixth LP

13 April 2019

Today 46 years ago, on 13th April 1973, the late great genius DAVID BOWIE released his sixth album ALADDIN SANE (A Lad Insane) with its iconic and timeless front sleeve image. Although less praised upon its release than his previous LP, the breakthrough masterpiece ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars‘ the fans loved it and it became a No 1 album in the UK and reached #17 in the US. Here are the two ace singles…



Album in full…

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‘Drive-In Saturday’ by DAVID BOWIE – 6 April 1973

Knockouts from the past

6 April 2019

Drive-In Saturday‘ by DAVID BOWIE

The song was released as a single on 6 April 1973, 46 years ago today. It was a cut from his sixth LP Aladinn Sane. It reached #3 on the UK singles chart. The lyrics name-checked Mick Jagger (‘When people stared in Jagger’s eyes and scored’), the 60s model Twiggy (‘She’d sigh like Twig the wonder kid’) and psychiatrist Carl Jung (‘Jung the foreman prayed at work’). B-side: Round And Round.

Here’s the late genius…

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