New Boxset ‘THE BOWIE YEARS’ – The Idiot Working With The Thin White Duke

14 June 2020

Artists: Iggy Pop and David Bowie
Album: The Bowie Years 
What: New boxset compiling Iggy Pop’s and
David Bowie‘s collaborative years in Berlin – 75 songs / 5 hr 30 min
Released: 12 June 2020

Pitchfork says: “Working with Pop allowed Bowie to get darker in his songwriting and production than he dared in his solo work; working with Bowie allowed Pop to focus his
flailing instincts into refined, careful songcraft. For two albums, they served as each other’s perfect foils, and their work together would inflect music made on both sides of the Atlantic, from Joy Division and Depeche Mode to Grace Jones and Nine Inch Nails. Their stoic cynicism presaged the austerity measures of the ’80s and their continuing ramifications; amid the dregs of capitalism, these lonely melodies and their battered delivery keep resonating. “Can you hear me at all?” Pop asks on The Idiot’s “Sister Midnight.” The answer is “no,” and he keeps singing.”

Key phrase: This is what happened when two genial minds met,
took tons of drugs together and made everlasting music
Key tracks: Too many to list them up here

Full Box here…

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The whole collection

DAVID BOWIE Released ‘STARMAN’ Today In 1972

14 April 2020

DAVID BOWIE released the stellar and otherworldly ‘STARMAN’ single on 14 April 1972, today 48 years ago. It’s the fourth track on his legendary LP The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars which launched his best-known artistic persona ever. It was actually his first hit since ‘Space Oddity’ three years before, in 1969. Starman peaked at #10 in the UK.

He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’d blow our minds
There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’s told us not to blow it
‘Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile
He told me
Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie

Here’s the Top Of The Pops performance back then featuring the great, late Mick Ronson

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook – Discography

DAVID BOWIE – New Video Clip For Unreleased Track ‘REPETITION 97’ Revealed…

Clips that will impress your ears and eyes…

10 April 2020

‘REPETITION 97′ by the late great DAVID BOWIE is one of the nine previously unreleased
tracks that will be on the upcoming archival release ‘CHANGESNOWBOWIE’. Most of them were recorded during an acoustic session at Looking Glass Studios in New York in 1996. A vintage Bowie song. Both mysterious and affecting.

‘CHANGESNOWBOWIE’‘s release was planned for Record Store Day next week, 17th April but is now postponed to 20th June. But the collection will still receive a digital release on the original date of 17th April.

Here’s the video for Repetition 97



Debut Solo Single By DAVID BOWIE Released 54 Years Ago – Here’s ‘DO ANYTHING YOU SAY’…

1 April 2020

Today 54 years ago, on 1 April 1966, the solo (although he was backed by his full band) debut single ‘DO ANYTHING YOU WANT‘ by the late great DAVID BOWIE came out. A
beat song released by Pye Records with Good Morning Girl as b-side. It was re-released
in 1972 when Bowie made furore with his Ziggy Stardust character.

Here’s the audio clip…

DAVID BOWIE: Facebook 

DAVID BOWIE’S Love Single ‘THE PRETTIEST STAR’ With MARC BOLAN On Guitar Came Out 50 Years AGo…

6 March 2020

Today 50 years ago, on 6 March 1970, DAVID BOWIE released
‘THE PRETTIEST STAR’ as a single, the follow-up to one of his
greatest hits ‘Space Oddity’.

A love song for his future wife Angela Barnett who he married the same year.
He played it several times down the telephone to propose to her. It’s in Greek
hasapiko dance style, as a tribute to Angie‘s Cypriot ethnic origin. Glam rock
icon MARC BOLAN played guitar on the track, after producer Tony Visconti
brought the two stars together. Despite receiving great reviews the single
sold, incredibly, fewer than 800 copies.

Here’s the sweet pearl…


THE MANISH BOYS Fronted By DAVID BOWIE Released Second Single ‘I PITY THE FOOL’ 55 Years Ago Today…

5 March 2020

Today 55 (!) years ago, on 5 March 1965, London’s pop band THE MANISH BOYS fronted by the late genius DAVID BOWIE released their second single. ‘I PITY THE FOOL’ was their punchy cover of a blues song, with a glowing gospel touch and Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page playing the guitar solo, written by Joe Medwick and Don Robey and first recorded by Bobby Bland.

Here we go…

Here’s the original recording by Bobby Bland


DAVID BOWIE Released Ace Single ‘SOUND AND VISION’ 43 Years Ago..

‘Sound And Vision’ by DAVID BOWIE


DAVID BOWIE released single SOUND AND VISION on 11 February 1977,
today 43 years ago. One of the most accessible and appealing tracks from
one of my all-time favourite Bowie albums LOW. Together with co-producer
Tony Visconti the late legend recorded the song originally as an instrumental
(bar the backing vocal performed by Visconti’s wife, Mary Hopkin) but Bowie
decided later to add vocals, one night when everybody had already left the
studio. A glorious electronic diamond, still sounding as vital and magnetizing
as back then…


Another Unreleased Track By DAVID BOWIE – Listen Here To Blistering Steamroller ‘BABY UNIVERSAL ’97’…

New sonic impulses

31 January 2020

(the photograph in today’s graphic was taken in NY in 1996 by Albert Watson)

Six unreleased tracks (reworked versions of original songs) from DAVID BOWIE‘s
archives will be part of an EP called Is It Any Wonder? out next month. So far
three tracks were revealed: The Man Who Sold The World (ChangesNowBowie
version), I Can’t Read 97 (the original version was on first Tin Machine album)
and Stay 97 (the original version was on Station To Station LP)

Today we can listen to the fourth track. The original version BABY UNIVERSAL ’97
was on Tin Machine II released in 1991, and was co-written with the band’s guitarist Reeves Gabrels. A new stormy version was recorded by Bowie during
his sessions for his 1997 album Earthling .

Here’s the audio clip for the blistering steamroller…