Waking Up With… With THE STONES On A Cool Roll Back In 1971

Works faster than caffeine

This enrapturing live version of Dead Flowers from their
classic 1971 LP Sticky Fingers, was filmed in the legendary
Marquee Club in London the same year.

The Glimmer Twins upfront, Charlie Watts being Mister Cool,
Bill Wyman
as usual in the back, but Mick Taylor steals the
show with his magical guitar play.

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll…

See you in Brussels, imperishable motherrockers…

Fascinating Dreamwave Duo PINERO|SERENE Shares Final Cut From Their EP – Here’s ‘DEAD FLOWERS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

28 June 2019


Who: A London based duo featuring “German/Filipino bass player, Cheryl Pinero and UK vocalist Neeq Serene, committed to the creation of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, dream-
like experiences, born from the amalgamation of melodic bass lines and melancholic vocal narratives…

Pick: DEAD FLOWERS – it’s the last cut in the chain of a 4-track EP “which takes you on a journey through personal evolution. It’s about facing the fear of letting go, to make space
for a new dimension of existence and perception.
” The EP will be out 12th July.

Score: This fascinating duo creates a tremendous sonic tension that resonates both energetic and mysterious. The colour is dark, the tone is tense, the feel is gloomy.
Catch the powerful vibe right here…