Brooklyn Pysch Rock Trio DEAD LEAF ECHO Release Halloween-esque Single ‘BOO’

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22 October 2022

Who: Brooklyn-based music/art collective
influenced by many 4AD indie acts.

New single: BOO

It’s the title track of a brand new EP planned for an early 2023 release. It’ll follows
the previous EP Milk​.​Blue​.​Kisses​.​And​.​Whalebone​.​Wishes released earlier this year.

L.G. Galleon (frontman): “Boo was written five years ago when I was pressed by my girlfriend at the time to write a joke “Manchester” song with a hook. It quickly morphed into a partial ode to Denise Johnson who passed away during the pandemic and also into a creepy Halloween song about surveillance, discovery and scaring your “Boo” with the truth about all your hidden secrets.”

TUTV: Boo has that dark-psychedelic schizo plangency of nightmare noiseniks A Place To Bury Strangers. Poignant, ghostly, and obscure. The power-driven combination of ominous guitar galvanism, gloomy vocals, and the paranoic chorus with flashes of a female soul voice creates a Halloween-esque duskiness. Hell yeah!

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DEAD LEAF ECHO Build Wall-Of-Feverish-Shoegaze On New Single

Daily electricity to load your batteries

4 January 2022

Who: Brooklyn-based music/art collective that
released its debut LP Thought and Language in 2013.
A record strongly influenced by many 4AD acts.

New EP: Milk​.​Blue​.​Kisses​.​And​.​Whalebone​.​Wishes
Out: 21st January – more info here.

“It’s about the themes that involve anxiety and sex and never selling your
worth for less than its true value. The album is ambient and relaxed. Each
song title is a play on words of the overall title, with themes of winter and
ice and the female form represented.”

First single: Milk​.​Blue​.​Kisses (Foil in Motion)

Expect a wall-of-feverish shoegaze grandeur with a spine-chilling impact.
Glorious splendor, epic resonance, intoxicating euphony. It’s all there in this
scintillating symphony where glaring guitars and shimmering synths reach
for the sky and leave you behind in wonder. Foil in slo-mo. Classy stuff!

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Milk​.​Blue​.​Kisses​.​And​.​Whalebone​.​Wishes – New EP out 21st January

(images via Noisy Ghost PR)