French Deafening Turbo NOISS Released Their New Boiling 5-Track EP…

17 April 2020

French heavy-hitting trio NOISS just released their new, second EP called DEAFENING.
Five boiling crackerjacks that will make your speakers tremble and shake. Four high-voltage killer jams that will make your body move in mysterious ways. Five stormy
knock-downs, from grungy bangs to metallic blasts. A crushing bass-drums-guitar
turbo that rocks and rolls with force from start to the instrumental finish. Blistering
riffs. Razor-sharp licks and thundery drones.

Ear-splitting. Boisterous.
Vociferous. Tumultuous.
Turbulent. Roaring.
Blustering. Hellish.

Start play and
bang your head…

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