Disorientated Indie Passion With DENH IZEN And Double Single ‘SLIP AWAY’ And ‘NEVER AGAIN’

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20 June 2021

Band: DENH IZEN (London, UK)
Who: A four-piece channelling guitar music’s dark underbelly and create songs that are packed with booming vocals, swirling guitars and atmospheric mood swings. Formed in 2018. So far they released an EP and a couple of singles. Check it all out on Spotify

New double single: SLIPS AWAY and NEVER AGAIN

Tavish JW Westwood (vocalist): “‘Slips Away’ is written about running away
from inevitable self-destruction and the overwhelming explosion when it confronts
you face-to-face. Whereas ‘Never Again’ is about the difficulty of forgetting traumatic experiences yet finding comfort in the lingering chaos that fills your mind.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Captivating indie passion with the knockdown swagger
of Iceage and the quiet/loud/quiet dynamics of Mogwai (on ‘Slips Away’), the wayward melodiousness of The Smiths and the gloom and doom destructioness of Pete Doherty
(on ‘Never Again‘) Disorientated indie music from the big smoke, as the band describes
their muse spot-on well.

Here’s why…

DENH IZEN: Facebook

(photo via Disobedient Records)