Sensual Dance Extravaganza – Go Totally Bonkers With Swirling Duo VIVE LA FÊTE

Memorable live moments…

VIVE LA FÊTE, one of the best dance acts ever, hit the scene back in 1997. Danny Mommens (guitar, vocals) and Els Pynoo (vocals) made an instant impression with
their tremendously ecstatic electro extravaganza. Even the fashion world was enthralled with icon Karl Lagerfeld as one of their most famous fans. He invited the duo to play
at his shows in New York City and Paris. The band toured several times all over Europe
and performed also in Brazil and Mexico.

Here’s some sensual dance euphoria with Maquillage,
a striking disco banger their from 2003 album ‘Nuit Blanche’

Check out their latest longplayer

VIVE LA FÊTE: Facebook – Website – Discography

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Formidable! Fantastique! Fabuleux! Massive Party With VIVE LA FÊTE At Boomtown Festival in Belgium…

VIVE LA FÊTE – Boomtown Festival, Ghent, Belgium – 20 July 2018

If you’re looking to party like it’s 1999 all over again than Belgium‘s hot-blooded and experienced dance outfit VIVE LA FÊTE is the indisputable band to do the job the right way. Founders Danny Mommens and his wonderful wife Els Pynoo still know perfectly, after more than twenty years, how to transfer a desirous crowd to a sky-high level of exhilarated rapture. Pynoo sings, dances, pirouettes and seduces as if it was her final concert. Sensual, spellbinding and tremendously energetic, causing non-stop electrical elation among the exciting audience. Meanwhile, although the group’s musical language
is French, maestro Mommens directs his hypnotic-beats-loaded orchestra with ‘eins zwei drei vier’ shouts and produces himself electrifying guitar lines to pump up the dazzling decibels. Their smart set is a brisk mix of greatest hits and some new ones from their latest album ‘Destination Amour‘. Final result: 60 minutes of pure delirium, electronic
pop firework and sonic paradise. Formidable! Fantastique! Fabuleux! Here is a
booming idea of Vive La Fête‘s live power…

Yesterday’s visuals

Vendredri soir


Produit de Belgique


Grand prix bolide…

Keep dancing
Here’s new album

VIVE LA FÊTE: Website – Facebook – Discography

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)