NOW PLAYING! New Album By Brooklyn’s Shoegazers DIIV – Here’s ‘DECEIVER’…

6 October 2019

Band: DIIV (Brooklyn, New York)

Album: Deceiver

Released: 4 October 2019

Quote: The band’s singer/songwriter and mastermind Cole Smith says: “I’ve known everyone in the band for ten years plus separately and together as DIIV for at least the past five years. On ‘Deceiver’, I’m talking about working for the relationships in my life, repairing them, and accepting responsibility for the places I’ve failed them. I had to re-approach the band. It wasn’t restarting from a clean slate, but it was a new beginning. It took time—as it did with everybody else in my life—but we all grew together and learned how to communicate and collaborate.”

Sound: A absorbing collection of profound and electrical meditations. From melancholic reveries to fully charged flare-ups. A varied melodious palette with tons of guitar layers reminding me at times of legendary noiseniks My Bloody Valentine, and a fully charged emotional shoegaze intensity at its gripping best.

Listen here…

DIIV: Facebook

THE MAGNIFICENT 7! Big New Album Tracks – 2016 Week 6…


Seven superb tracks from brand new albums
that will turn up the volume of your mood
every single day of your week…

1/ ‘Under The Sun’ by DIIV
DIIV – centered around Zachary Cole Smith – back with sparkling sophomore
album and this irresistibly catchy earworm The Cure never wrote…
Album: IS THIS THE ARE – on iTunes
DIIV : Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Space Exploration Disaster’ by SUNFLOWER BEAN
Believe the hype – Brooklyn psych injected trio will score big time with
their impressive debut album – next Friday in Brussels – hell yeah…
Album: HUMAN CEREMONY – on Bandcamp
SUNFLOWER BEAN: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Hinterland’ by THE CULT
Post punk veterans back with their 10th full length LP and ‘Hinterland’
as my prime highlight – still monumental, still dark, still vivacious…
Album: HIDDEN CITY – on iTunes
THE CULT: Website – Facebook

4/ ‘Don’t You Want To Know What’s Wrong’ by FIELD MUSIC
The Brewis brothers’ mojo is back with a groovy pop opus that will
funk you up frequently like with this outstanding & seducing cracker…
Album: COMMONTIME – on iTunes
FIELD MUSIC: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Strange Quark’ by THE BLACK QUEEN
Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato and two kindred darkwave experts
create fascinating synths injected nightmares to soundtrack your day…
Album: FEVER DAYDREAM – on iTunes
THE BLACK QUEEN: Website – Facebook

6/ ‘Stargazer’ by NAP EYES
Frontman Nigel Chapman has that rare special craft of writing/singing attractively
laid back melodies that stick in your inner ear MP3 player after only one spin…
NAP EYES: Facebook – Bandcamp

7/ ‘Velveteen Matador’ by FREAKWATER
Janet Bean & Catherine Irwin‘s delicious country harmonies will make you
go out with a big smile on your face even when the rain is pouring down…
Album: SCHEHERAZADE – on Blood Shot Records
FREAKWATER: Facebook – Fan Site