VIOLENT VICKIE Shares Flashy Video Clip For Her Electro Banger ‘UNDER THE GUN

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

25 October 2020

Last month Californian artist VIOLENT VICKIE released
her new, pitch-dark electro-wave album Division.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “63 minutes of doom and gloom bliss to play
at illegal graveyard parties. Twilight is the color. Electro-swart is the sound.
Petrifying is the psyche.”

To keep the momentum going, Vickie just shared a clip for top track UNDER THE GUN.
“A seductively cold reaction to the pressure to conform and produce in a capitalist society.”.

The flashy film-noir like video was directed and edited by
Nick Pagonakis of Underboss Films and shot in a parking lot
in Long Beach, CA by Jennifer Miller.

Watch here…


Dancing In The Dark – A Nightmarish Love And Lust Party With VIOLENT VICKIE

7 September 2020

Artist: VIOLENT VICKIE (Long Beach, CA)
Released: 4 September 2020

About the music: Her first full length release since ‘Monster Alley‘ in 2013.
‘Division’ dabbles in a wide range of genres including witchhouse, darkwave,
synthpop, electro, synthpunk and experimental trips.

About the songs: In ‘Serotonin’ and ‘The Gloom’ Vickie wildly yearns for lost love and
lust, while in ‘Circle Square’ she emotes the feeling of not fitting into the box. In ‘Gaslight’
she explores the cognitive dissonance that comes with loving someone that is displaying
abusive behavior. ‘Lovelace’ was written after watching a disturbing documentary about
Linda Lovelace’s experience in the porn industry and the tongue in cheek ‘Under the Gun’
was written about a heartless boss while driving in the car.”

Influences: “From dark electronic artists like Gesaffelstein, Crystal Castles, and
post-punk bands like Joy Division and the Numbers and riot grrrl bands like Sleater
Kinney and Le Tigre.”

Key words: 63 minutes of doom and gloom bliss / Spellbinding graveyard party /
Twilight is the color / Electro-swart is the sound / Petrifying is the psyche / Chelsea
Wolfe / Crystal Castles / Lene Lovich / Mazzy Star / Human League / D.A.F. / Alice
Glass / Chvrches / Otherworldly electronics / Dancing in the dark / Voices from
beyond / Love will tear us apart / Vickie is okay / Coffee and cake

Put your Goth outfit on and
move in mysterious ways…


(photo: FB Violent Vickie)