THE BYKER GROVE FAN CLUB Only Need 30 Minutes Of Fucktastic Havoc To Impress ANTWERP

23 October 2023

Who: Ponderous post-punk three-piece from the UK.

This British bulldozer trio was part of a 3-indie bands night along with
Scottish gunslingers Gallus and South London’s hit team Deadletter.

They had to go on first, but got stuck in traffic after playing Paris the night before.
They came late, and were as nervous as hell, but kicked off all of their frustrations
in a flabbergasting half-hour of deafening fucktastic post-punk hullabaloo. They made excuses now and then for being late, but nobody of us cared, we were too busy going bonkers in the moment.

These three young wolves (Huw Allen on vocals and bass, Connor Dack on guitar and
Louis Lanfear on drums) played their hearts out and left all their energy on the floor. Why try to make an impression in 2 hours when you can blow spectators’ heads off in just 30 minutes. I’m a sucker for Blitzkrieg gigs like this, which make my jaws drop to the ground
in awe. All cylinders on, all burners on. A shocking stream of adrenalin is what T.B.G.F.C. caused and it felt astonishing.

An idea of their mind-crushing live dynamics, here below…

Watch/listen to one of their newest pieces.
It’s called Doorstep and slowly but surely it will do your head in. Aaaarrgggghhh!

T.B.G.F.C: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

“We made it, man!

(all photos by Turn Up The Volume)