Tremendous Voice VAEDA BLACK Has New Song Out – Here’s Her Murder Ballad ‘DRUNKEN TEARS’…

29 March 2020

Young compelling singer/songwriter and exquisite voice VAEDA BLACK
has a new track out called ‘DRUNKEN TEARS’.

“It’s one the first songs I wrote when I was learning how to play the piano about 4 years ago.
It is a story song, about luring someone into a bar, getting completely trashed, and fantasizing about murdering them. I’ve always viewed this piece like a siren song. I’m saying things that are terrifying but they’re delivered inside a simple and alluring melody”
says the gloriously gifted New York based artist.

Drunken Tears is a ghostly reverie, a sinister nightdream embedded in a seductive musical arrangement with subtle instrumentation and catching melodiousness. It wouldn’t be out of place on Nick Cave‘s Murder Ballads album from 1996. Black‘s tremendous vox would actually be a great match with Cave‘s doom and gloom tonality. Yes, impressive indeed.

Fantasize along right here…