Smells Like DU BLONDE Spirit – ‘HOMECOMING’ Is A Chill-Out Pop Triumph

8 April 2021

Artist: DU BLONDE (Newcastle Up Tyne, UK)
Who: All-round, outspoken, eccentric and utterly
cool British artist – real name Beth Jeans Houghton.

Her third LP – order info here
Released: 2 April 2021

NME says: “The grunge-pop guitar don is throwing a hell of a party, with
Ezra Furman and Shirley Manson on the guestlist – and you’re absolutely
invited too.Du Blonde’s throwing a party. You’re on the guestlist, along with
her norm-busting indie-punk compadre Ezra Furman (on the thunderous
‘I’m Glad That We Broke Up’) and fellow ultra-badass Shirley Manson of
Garbage (on Pixies-got-good-again belter ‘Medicated’).”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: I read here and there that ‘Homecoming‘ is a pure party LP.
To my hungry ears, it’s more like the ideal warm-up record when driving to a party and
an ideal chill-out LP when driving home in the morning after the party is over. Mind you, Du Blonde rocks, moves, and grooves with tons of feminist flair and peppery panache.

But most of the 10 emotive earworms – a couple of spins and you sing along, hum
along and whistle along – float between moony melancholia (closer ‘Take Me Way‘ is a
most gripping and soul-stirring ballad) and personal, bad-ass reflections, all embedded
in both bang-on and shadowy glam tunes. This is a record Blondie never made.

Hail hail Du Blonde! The triumphant queer/trans queen of pop!

Singles/clips: I’m Glad That We Broke Up / Medicated

(With Ezra Furman)

(With NME’s Godlike genius Shirley Manson)

Stream/buy Homecoming here…

DU BLONDE: Facebook


Clips that impress tour ears and eyes…

11 March 2021

Beth Jeans Houghton aka the utterly cool party animal Du Blonde
and androgynous songsmith Ezra Furman became playful partners
in rock-out crime with steaming single, I’m Glad That We Broke Up
and have now a crazy clip out to visualize the cracker.

Houghton says “Me and Ezra had so much fun making this track we
wanted to relive the experience by setting up greenscreens in our houses.
Hope you enjoy this trash pizza served up on a cold hard plate of digital
diarrhoea. The record was low budget, so it seemed fitting for the video
to be low budget as well.”

Erza: “Art is the meeting of an army of mewling demons and an army of light.
We Live and Love in a video culture of sin. The Sinternet is a World Wide Web
of toxic relationships and bad mojo. We made this as an antidote to snake venom.”

Watching both unconventional artists in the crazy video clip, it’s loud and clear for
your ears and eyes that the two-of-a-kind tandem have a big blast. Well, if your limbs
resist getting activated when seeing this we only do what we love to do duo, it’s time to
fire your gym coach and change your meds. Don’t worry be happy!

Go buy a banana and return to go nuts…

Du Blonde has a new album out in April. More info about Homecoming right here