ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Masterpiece Album ‘HEAVEN UP HERE’ Is 40

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31 May 2021

Band: ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (Liverpool)

Album: HEAVEN UP HERE – 2nd LP
Released: 30 May 1981 – 40 years ago (40? Sounds unreal)

AllMusic/Aaron Warshaw wrote: “Following their more psychedelia-based debut,
Crocodiles, and subsequent “Puppet” single, Echo & the Bunnymen returned in 1981
with the darkest and perhaps most experimental album of their career.

Sitting comfortably next to the pioneering work of contemporaries like Joy Division,
New Order, and early Public Image Ltd. and Cure, this is a rather fine — and in the
end, influential — example of atmospheric post-punk. Having reached the British Top
Ten, Heaven Up Here is highly regarded among Echo & the Bunnymen’s fans precisely
for the reasons which, on the surface, make it one of the least accessible albums in
the band’s catalog.” Full review: here. Score: 4.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: One of the (many) flabbergasting albums from one
of my all-time favorite bands (on record and on stage). One word: masterpiece.

(Only) single: A Promise

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R.I.P. Pete De Freitas


17 May 2021

Album: PET SOUNDS – 11th LP
Released: 16 May 1966 – 55 years ago

AllMusic / Richie Unterberger: “The best Beach Boys album,
and one of the best of the 1960s. The group here reached a whole
new level in terms of both composition and production, layering
tracks upon tracks of vocals and instruments to create a richly
symphonic sound.”
Score: 5/5.

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Album: RAM – 2nd solo LP
Released: 17 May 1971 – 50 years ago today

Melody Maker: “A good album by anybody’s standards and
certainly far better than the majority released by British groups
and singers. Trouble is you expect too much from a man like
Paul McCartney.”

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MACCA: Solo Albums

Album: FLOWERS – 9th LP
Released: 14 May 2001 – 20 years ago

Pitchfork: “Another 45-minute expression of the band’s love
of Jim Morrison, Arabic scales, and quasi-religious imagery. Only
Echo and the Bunnymen could have written the bulk of Flowers. ”
Score: 8/10.

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Happy 62 To IAN McCULLOCH – One Of The Greatest Voices In Rock, Ever!

5 May 2021

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN‘s charismatic frontman and songwriter IAN STEPHEN McCULLOCH was born on 5 May 1959 in Liverpool. Happy 62 to one of the greatest voices in rock, ever of one of my all-time favorite bands, on record and on stage (saw
them 30+ times – in Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK – so far). They celebrate their
40th birthday as a band next year.

To celebrate Big Mouth Mac‘s birthday here are 5 knockouts…

– LIPS LIKE SUGAR – (1987)

– RESCUE – (1980)

– THE CUTTER – (1983)

– OCEAN RAIN – (1984)
(Live in Liverpool in 2001)

– LIFT ME UP – (2012)
(solo song)

– SWEET JANE – (Lou Reed)
(Live on Belgian TV – 2002)

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Facebook – Biography

40 years of magic

(image on top: concert poster for ‘The Starts, The Oceans & The Moon’ tour)

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Their Stunning Debut Album ‘CROCODILES’ Came Out 40 Years Ago – 18 July 1980


16 July 2020

Band: Echo & The Bunnymen (Liverpool, UK)
Active: 1978-1993, 1996-present
Album: Crocodiles – debut LP
Released: 18 July 1980 – 40 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “Echo and the Bunnymen dive straight into the mystic on their debut album, Crocodiles. Singer-guitarist Ian McCulloch specializes in a sort of apocalyptic brooding, combining Jim Morrison-style psychosexual yells, a flair for David Bowie-like vocal inflections and the nihilistic bark of his punk peers into a disturbing portrait of the singer as a young neurotic… McCulloch trips out on his worst fears: isolation, death, sexual and emotional bankruptcy… it’s the unnerving contrast between the colliding guitars and McCulloch’s
tortured yelp that gives Crocodiles its dramatic impetus.”
Score: 4/5

Key phrase: ‘Things are wrong, things are going wrong, can you tell that in a song?’

Keywords: Bowie and Morrison having a cup of tea with the Big Mouth / stars are
stars / geniuses at work / stunning start of a remarkable career with a series of
classic longplayers / one of my favorite bands of all-time on record and on stage

Singles: Pictures On My Wall / Rescue


Is this the blues I’m singing?

The classic in full…

R.I.P. Pete de Freitas

Black sleeve