ZWAREMACHINE Transform MINISTRY Classic ‘EFFIGY’ Into A Herculian Haymaker

14 February 2022

Who: Minneapolis’ own fully realized industrial worship. With an eerie
hum Zwaremachine embraces early ebm, cyber and darkelectro soundscapes
while keeping a persistent live band approach. With a clear focus on classic
sounds and modern production they describe their style as “Minimal Hypnotic
Industrial Body Music

The original is by Ministry led by charismatic Industrial rock maniac
Al Jourgensen from their debut LP With Sympathy (1983). Over the years
Ministry‘s sound and Jourgensen‘s looks changed drastically.

Zwaremachine‘s take on this 80s synth-pop tune is pretty bang-on.
They transformed it into an industrial disco corker with a booming synth
beat triggering your adrenalin production instantly. Add frontman Mach
‘s creepy Jourgensen-esque growl and your stereo will never be the
same again after playing this herculean haymaker.

Turn it up, folks…

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The Ministry original…