Grace-ful Starsailor – Here’s British Singer Songwriter SAM BROOKES With New Single ‘EKARMA’

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

19 July 2020

British compelling singer/songwriter SAM BROOKES releases
his first new music since heavyhearted 2014 album Kairos.

He announced the release of new longplayer Black Feathers
on 23rd October via Go Slowly Records.

Ahead comes first single EKARMA. The appealing reverie “explores the inner
strength found in periods of isolation weaved with dark but ultimately soothing
memories of the ocean. Ekarma was inspired by a frightening childhood experience
which saw Brookes nearly swept out to sea whilst swimming on a family holiday, too
far from the shore to call for help.

“I had this overwhelming feeling of fear that almost crippled me but I realised it was
up to me to get myself back to shore. This memory often revisits me as an adult when
I feel that I’m ‘too far from the shore’.”
explained Brookes.

Ekarma is a sensitive and emotive humdinger. Not only Brookes‘ voice but also his frightening swim accident as a youngster brings Jeff Buckley to mind who drowned in 1997. It’s a spine-chilling heart and soul song that makes you silent and puzzles your mindset.

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(photo on top: Sarah Cresswell)