EL YUNQUE Takes You On A Zippy Trippy Outing With New Mindfucker ‘SIRI PLEASE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 October 2018


Who: Belgian misfits making strange noises and about
to release their new, third album ‘O HI MARK’

Track: SIRI PLEASE – new single feat. Whispering Sons’ bariton vox called Fenne Cuppens

Score: They say they are not a noise-rock band. They say they’re not conservative. I agree totally, this eccentric collective sounds more like a progressive bunch of Krautrock misfits repeating themselves in different variations and different voices until your brain waves the white flag. Beware, ladies and gents, ‘Siri Please‘ is anything but a song. It’s an intoxicating trip that takes you everywhere and nowhere. There’s no end nor beginning. There is no way in, nor a way out. It’s the opposite of what you think, whatever that may be. It moves like a vicious serpent on tons of speed. It is a zippy trippy outing. It’s an attempt to escape. It’s a mindfucker pushed by a motorik drum beat that challenges your nerves and senses.

Hear/feel/see/experience the eccentric kookiness right here…

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