Toronto’s MUTE CHOIR Takes You On A Spectacular Electro Trip With Swirling Single ‘ELECTION SEASON’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 April 2018


Who: “Iran born Sam Arion escaped at the age of 18 to the city of Toronto in Canada. The music of his project Mute Choir is, above all else, about freedom. Freedom to live your life however you choose, and freedom to follow your creative vision wherever it leads. But in order to understand freedom, one must experience its opposite. He produces a distinctive blend of untamed electro-rock and introspective balladry with an eye on the ever-elusive goal of making dance music with a message.”


Score: This booming electro roller coaster will blow you off your socks. ‘Election Season’
is an astonishing trip that will make your adrenalin’s stream go out of control. Even when he’s fighting with self-doubt and he’s going through mixed emotions Mute Choir chooses to keep his body and soul in a state of ecstasy. And so should you and me, with the healing help of this gloriously orchestrated synths spectacle. A sonic razzle-dazzle to lose yourself completely in. Shake your booty right here…

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ELECTION SEASON will be on debut album BEHIND BARS – out 8 June.