STEREOLAB – New 25-Track Retrospective – Une Longue Expérience Remarquable

28 February 2021

Who: An English-French avant-pop band formed in London in 1990.
Active: 1992-2009, 2019–present

Works: 10 studio LPs between 1992 and 2010 and 8 compilations.

New compilation: ‘ELECTRICALLY POSSESSED (Switched On Volume 4)
Content: Discover the origin of every track right here.
Order info: website Stereolab

Turn Up The Volume says: Pretty remarkable how a band could be so productive on a high-quality level. Jazz, wayward pop, prog-psych sketches and ambient trips go hand in hand, like most of the pieces were produced by music-challenging wizard Frank Zappa. Never a dull moment, sounding not passé at all. A transfixing experience all the way.

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