2020: A Space Odyssey – Eclectic ELECTROMANIA With Fascinating Artist rOZZ

25 May 2020

rOZZ is a fascinating and wayward Belgian artist who follows only one musical path…
her own. An incredibly productive composer. Ten albums in 4 years (take notes, Radiohead!) with a compelling variety of singer-songwriting expeditions.

She describes herself as follows: “Hi! I’m Julie. but you can also call me rOZZ. I live in
Belgium. Music and Astronomy are my life. I am a forum moderator at Seti@Home (Search
for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) I would like to have been a professional astronomer but I’m
not that good at math and fyzix, I’m more of a philosopher. Philosophy forms a good base
to write the best lyrics! I like to paint, sing, write poetry and above all play as many music instruments as possible! I also like to listen to the music of Nick Cave, and read his books,
he’s my big example.

She just released her 11th album entitled ELECTROMANIA. A surprising work of eclectic electronic extravaganza. A multifaceted journey into the wondrous world of eletrco music. Almost impossible to tag this record as it goes from synths designed lullabies to cinematic soundscapes and otherworldly EDM tunes for misfits in between.

A 2020: A Space Odyssey with multiple sound-exploring trips.
Petrifying, unorthodox and highly inventive.

Enter the rOZZ galaxy here…

roZZ: Website