Shake Your Booty To London’s TIGER MIMIC And The Title Track Of Their Debut EP ‘ELEPHANT SKELETON’…

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7 February 2019


Who: “A London based (by way of NYC) Indie Rock band with catchy songs that tell sinister tales. Bram & Jess met in NYC and started making music together, under a different band name. In 2018 they decided to relocate to London where they were joined by Ben & George, and thus “Tiger Mimic” was officially born.”

Track: ELEPHANT SKELETON – title track of their varied debut EP, released 19th January

Score: Mix a reggae riff with a slow-mo ska beat, add a feet-tapping drum rhythm, throw
in a shimmering guitar solo and last but not least provide the swinging groove you just obtained with soulful intertwining male/female vocals and what you’ll get in the end is
a hip-shaking and mind-uplifting vitality that is totally relaxing to dance to. C’mon shake your booty right here, ladies and gents…

Don’t stop dancing yet and stream TIGER MIMIC‘s debut EP right here.

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