Fascinating Clip For Fascinating Song – ‘WALKING FEELS SLOW’ By Toronto Songstress ELIZA NIEMI

For your eyes (and ears)

20 July 2022

Who: Songstress from Toronto, Canada

From her new album Staying Mellow Blows, out 5th August.

Niemi: “This track is about the little games we play with ourselves and mantras
we repeat to prevent us from projecting or worrying about the past or future.

Walking Feels Slow is a fascinating slo-mo reverie embedded in an ambient haze, with instantly affecting vocals, near-spoken, and near-whispering. Magnetic and mesmeric. And the video is as fascinating and affecting as the song itself.

About the video: “The combination of film and digital techniques used in the music video for “Walking Feels Slow,” directed by Ali Vanderkruyk, communicates the feeling of being caught between different ways of moving through the world: stopping and smelling the roses vs reckless, free barrelling-through.”

“If each bite is new,
is it still the same fruit?
Can it be whole?
Can each bite have the whole soul in it?

Listen/watch and get puzzled.

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