Italian Psych Post Punks KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND Release New Blustering Single… ‘ELIZABETH’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 November 2019

(Pic: Turn Up The Volume!)

Italian psych post-punk duo KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND from Venice, Italy is already prodcing dark waves since 2011. So far they released two full albums and a string of singles and EPs. And as I could experience myself last year, on stage they’re a hair-raising force.

The buzzing pair just released their brand new single ‘ELIZABETH‘. It sounds like a blustering killer shock where menacing industrial and hammering electronic dynamics meet and clash in harmony. Add Antonio Angeli‘s manic Krautrock percussion and Matteo Scarpa‘s demonic ‘Why Are You Here?‘ vocals and what you get is a merciless knockout. It
all starts with thunderous tension being built up, but midway the pace slows down mysteriously, and a sonic chainsaw-like intermezzo sounding horrifically serves as the ominous harbinger for an earthquake finale that may blow up your speakers. Expect a hellish and volcanic eruption! Absofuckinglutely!

Tune in and shiver right here…


You can purchase the single digitally or a copy of the limited edition 7″ red vinyl here