Shake Your Booty To AILI x TRANSISTORCAKE And Their 爽快な EP ‘DANSU’

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16 June 2021

Artists: Japanese/Belgian artist AILI and Belgian act TRANSISTORCAKE

Who: Two dance addicts bringing together elements of
Kosmiche Musik, Acid House, Electronica, Disco & Leftfield Pop.

“A hymn to dancing the night away, made more poignant being written
and recorded as Brussels’ club sat shut. Over a taut Motorik rhythms Aili’s
hushed vocals blending perfectly with lambent washes of synths to create
a hypnotic, languorously funky, track.”

Aili: “I left Tokyo for Belgium when I was 7 years old and in many ways my
Japanese stayed at that level. When I sing in Japanese it puts me into this
naive, almost childlike mindset that allows me to express what I feel right
away. You don’t need to understand the words just the feeling that they

Turn Up The Volume: Oh my, oh my, this feels so good. A hip-shaking
vibration (Dansu), a techno stomper (Oki), an ambient Orbital-like bass
banger (Pari Pari), exotic Chem Bros dance bleeps (Genki) and deep chill-
out beats (Futsu). Get the ecstatic feeling? And Aili is totally right: you don’t
need to understand the words. Her soulful voice has a sensual, sexy and
stimulating touch. Get up, stand up and shake your booty.

Right here, right now…

Eskimo Recordings: Website

(Photo credit: Illias Teirlinck 2021)

爽快な: exhilarating