Experimental Eccentrics THE RESIDENTS Released Their Spooky Album ‘ESKIMO’ 40 Years Ago…


9 September 2019

40 years ago today, on 9 September 1979, THE RESIDENTS released ESKIMO. The
album was originally supposed to follow 1977’s Fingerprince, but  due to all sort of problems it was not issued until 1979. The critics loved its experimentation, its clever weirdness and its satirical view of the American people’s nescience and maltreatment
of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The most rewarding, the most difficult, and the most accomplished
of all the Residents’ albums, this was their departure into the field of imaginary ethno-musicography that they had begun on “Six Things to a Cycle” on Fingerprince. Ostensibly a musical documentary on the Eskimo, this is an album of icy atmospheres, poetic electronics, and imaginary landscapes, concocted around a loose narrative told in the liner notes… In any other group’s hands this would have been a pretentious disaster, but the Residents pull it off through spirit, humor, and sheer bravado.”
Full review here – Score 4.5/5

2019 album edition in full…