Soul-Stirring Tristesse – WHERE WE SLEEP With New Track ‘EVERYBODY LEAVES A MARK’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

7 May 2020

Last year WHERE WE SLEEP, the solo project of British artist BETH RETTIG made a
lasting impression with the electro-touching debut EP Experiments In The Dark.

Today a new song popped up without any fuss nor pr-noise, pure Rettig. Everybody Leaves A Mark is a mournful reverie about leaving people behind, an introspective
ballad about fear of failure when it comes to commitment in a relationship. “We could
only ever disappoint each other”

Musically it’s a captivating experience from the intimate piano intro to the haunting
finale with atmospheric strings synths. Rettig’s woeful vocals cause goosebumps and reflect sorrow, inability to connect with others, and hurtful tristesse. The troubling sentiment of Everybody Leaves A Mark makes you silent and musing. A delicate accomplishment reminding you of R.E.M.’s hit ‘Everybody Hurts‘.

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